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magicboi - just name it 

A smooth, intentful song about the appreciation for a love that's been good to you. We all go through bad relationships but we all have good ones, even if it's only been glimpses. Hopefully the vibe, the lyrics and smooth production from Matt Byrnell can put you in a relaxed and nostalgic mood :)

Cover art shot in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

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who am i?


Been making music for about 9 years. Recently went through a name change (went by CSABA which is also my first name)

Magicboi was born in Budapest, Hungary and moved to Canada at the age of 4. I've lived in multiple cities across the country but am currently settled in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.

Throughout my years of making music, I've learned to produce, engineer and focused more energy recently into better song writing rather than just "rapping bars." I make my own cover arts as well and assist in a lot of the creative direction for music videos.

The goal really is to just make dope music that people vibe with and to put them into the same magical realm as he feels when he listens to his favorite artists.